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We deploy market channels in collaboration with our partners. We create strong and effective digital tools to serve high-quality products and services to improve living standards

Technology solutions

To improve and optimize business activities, we develop tailored technology platforms, information system solutions and operational business packages for our partners that best suit their needs.

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Challenges in the supply chain:

  • Limited Supply Chain visibility may be improved by Information Technology
  • Dynamic markets need proactive management backed by data solutions.
  • Planning stock levels can be improved and automated by big data analysis.

Our solution and services

  • High-end technology platforms that enable correct tracking and tracing of all products and shipments.
    • Planning through data visualization.
    • Predictions and recommendations for activities by applying machine learning.
    • Supply chain services.
    • Wholesaling services.

Supply chain


Issues in wholesaling:

  • Poor relationships with business partners.
    • Lack of business awareness in an international environment.
    • Ineffective product distribution due to insufficient strategic planning and information technology.

Our solution and services:

  • Trusted communication between business partners.
  • Profitable value added services
  • Experienced members in international ventures.
  • Effective distribution business network channels leveraging fully customized technology.

Issues in Micro Retailing:

  • Poor relationships with business partners.
  • Scarce experience with international suppliers
  • Ineffective product distribution due to a lack of strategic planning and use of information technology

Our solution and services:

  • Information storage solutions and Big Data systems to handle large volume and extract strategic information.
    • Personalized digital advertising goals to optimize and prioritize marketing activities.
    • Micro Retailing services.
    • Logistics services.

Micro Retailing


Issues in logistics:

  • Difficult to effectively manage transportation costs and optimize routes.
    • Poor customer service, including lengthy transportation times and limited possibility to track shipments.

Our services:

  • Algorithms and information technology platforms to optimize business processes and automate operations.
    • Personalized customer services based on machine learning.

Issues in Digital marketing:

  • Using the wrong platforms to advertise products to target customers.
  • One-way conversation with customer base, failing to interact and engage.
  • Focusing on traffic rather than conversations for a campaign.

We provide:

  • Measurable and evaluated user actions using high-end technology platforms.
  • Varied use of technology communication tools to retrieve real-time feedback from customers.
  • Analysing and making recommendations for individual campaigns.

Digital Marketing

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